An History Of Excellence
Ca' Dei Noni

Sharing food and wine, laughter and tears has forged strong relationships with artisan wine producers across the terroirs. To bring these wines and their stories to your table Italia Rossi created “Ca‘ dei Noni”, representing a cooperative to access these exclusive producers. Simply translated ‘House of the grandparents’ it is the family’s way to share the craft and knowledge passed down from the generations which continue to shape wine making to this day.

Ca' Dei Noni
Historical Terroirs

The geographical position together with the mild climate makes northeast Italy the best region to produce a diverse range of wines. This is due to the unique variations in microclimate, altitude and subsoil composition between each terroir. From the traditional drying method of grapes to craft Passito in Vicenza to the double fermentation used to create Ripasso Valpolicella in Verona, each terrior hosts a unique cultural history. “Ca’ dei Noni” knows and meets each producer individually to select only the highest quality red and white wines which represent the best of these viticulture areas.

holding nani dei bertie prosecco bottle.
Ca' Dei Noni
Our Wines

The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes of the marvellous Montello Colli Asolani D.O.C. come from the Rossi family vineyards. After hand harvesting, the grapes are selected and subjected to a short drying period. The wine is obtained by applying traditional techniques and then aged in French and American oak barrels.

The excellent quality of the wine produced from glera and chardonnay grapes comes from meticulous selection of raw materials and careful winemaking. The grapes are subjected to cold maceration to enhance their properties, they are repeatedly racked to achieve the required contact with the lees. Thanks to this procedure, the bouquet and young fragrance of the grapes are preserved.

Since the 1800's
Our Heritage

The Rossi family have been at the heart of the Veneto wine region since the late 1800’s. Four generations have lived in one of the Italy’s most unique geographical locations, the Montello, home to a variety of outstanding wines. For over 100 years the family have gathered an intimate understanding of the land, its people and the processes they use to craft each wine in it’s own specific way.

black and white historic photograph of Italia Rossi